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An All-In-One
Solution for Simplified Showroom Scheduling, Organization, and B2B Connections

Retailers and Brands - Say goodbye to the hassle of endless email chains and confusing spreadsheets. Gleu streamlines the process of connecting with B2B clients and makes it easier to manage your showroom appointments by organizing photos, notes, and critical data, all while providing real-time visibility based on predefined constraints.

Please note - our app is currently in development. The beta (MVP) is available for iOS in the App Store.*

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We Make Organizing the Hottest Trend at Fashion Week

Our innovative platform is designed to keep your appointment essentials organized and streamline every aspect of the scheduling process. From logistics to communication, discovering new B2B clients, and time management, consider it all handled. Get connected in real time, stay organized, and enjoy a 100% stress-free market experience with Gleu.



Wave goodbye to the headache of B2B wholesale scheduling. No more back-and-forth emails and cumbersome spreadsheets. With Gleu, clients can book with ease, all while granting you real-time visibility of your schedule. The best part? Our smart tech takes care of the nitty-gritty details like location and timing, creating the most efficient schedule possible for your biz.



With Gleu, you can effortlessly manage your appointments by sorting showroom photos, notes, and docs into dedicated folders. No more scavenger hunts for important B2B client data in your inbox! Gleu puts your client database front and center, making contact info quick and easy to find. Time to say farewell to chaos and hello to seamless efficiency.



Gleu makes staying connected with your team and B2B clients a breeze. Discover new clients, access existing client data, review appointment history, collaborate in meetings with your team, and conveniently send scheduling reminders to clients. We make it easy to stay up-to-date on your wholesale calendar with real-time updates, including any last-minute meeting changes.

How Do We Make Your Wholesale Workflow Easier?



Client & Team Management

Organized Appointment Folders

Real Time Updates

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Streamline your market experience

Gleu offers retailers an innovative way to streamline their B2B appointments, connections, and organization. Our instant and automated scheduling means no more back-and-forth emails or cluttered spreadsheets. We provide centralized storage for organizing showroom photos, notes, and other key details to simplify your market workflow. With all the familiar features of your typical go-to calendar, Gleu goes the extra mile by incorporating unique elements specifically designed to meet your B2B wholesale needs. We make it easy to connect with your team and brands with just one click, saving you time and totally eliminating the logistical headache.


Connect with retailers in one click

With Gleu, brands can focus on building strong B2B relationships with retailers, while we take care of the showroom workflow. Our smart tech offers helpful features like automated scheduling, team collaboration, an organized client database, and real-time updates - including buyer ETA and last-minute schedule changes! With all the familiar features of your typical go-to calendar, we offer unique elements tailored to meet your B2B appointment needs. Working with your wholesale team and connecting with retailers has never been easier.

Ready to streamline your market week workflow Consider us your new organizational BFF. We'

Empowering Retailers and Brands to Work Smarter, Not Harder.

Ready to streamline your market week workflow? Consider us your new BFF, who's here to automate your showroom scheduling, organize key data, and easily manage your B2B clients. We're just a click away, say hello to your new and improved workflow today!

Interested in being a beta tester? Let's get connected! Reach out to

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